True beauty comes from within, from the awareness of the divine diamond that you were born to be: your Bellissima Diva

Dear soul sister,

True beauty comes from within, from the awareness of the divine diamond that you were born to be: your Beautiful Diva. It was a long journey for me to understand it, born like an ugly duckling. . . Existence wanted me to make it clear to be able to transmit it to sister souls in the world: only what you have gone through with awareness can be transmitted, now everything is clear to me and I feel deep gratitude! As a child I was a “perfect” child, an only child in a somewhat isolated family in which they expected a boy after three natural abortions, and here I am! Light, pure energy, heart and deep sensitivity that led me to take on so much and want to save and make happy the people I loved, my parents, from the first days of life (the number 6 of the guardian angel is repeated in the my numerological chart and reigned as energy in the first life cycle). Very good at school and in sport (Judo), with my short hair and androgynous physique, I looked like a boy, everything my parents felt they wanted. I was very determined to excel to give satisfaction to my parents and to be so seen, recognized and loved. My childhood, on the one hand, was a great gym to serve others (the years of service and harmony) and, on the other, I experienced life in the suburbs very far from who I really was, lived in doing for achieve increasingly important results in the attempt to be seen, appreciated and recognized with the pain of never feeling at home but very dependent on others.

Thus the managerial career (marketing, sales, commercial management), 20 years in full male energy, lived in logic, in concreteness.

With motherhood my healing began. Thanks to my daughters, often “buried” childhood memories came to the surface and this allowed me to contact my inner child, little Elena and to take care of them with love.

Thanks to numerology I acquired awareness of who I was born to be: of my divine energies, purpose of life, talents, challenges and divine style, while thanks to meditation I managed to contact the wisdom of the heart, to open myself to new visions, infinite possibilities to surrender to my Beautiful Diva and make it shine in all its unique divine light! This by putting my head in the service and taking full responsibility for my life

I feel joyful and grateful for my unique divine beauty to the universal divine and I honor it by embracing it in all its nuances lovingly without judgment and celebrating it in dance after dressing it in my unique style who comes from the soul. I feel lucky to have had my deep crisis in 2013 and to have listened to it, to have listened to that fire inside, my inner music that wanted to come out unique and divine in the joy that grows by sharing it. Because as Wain Dyer says “don’t die with your music still in you!” – I would say “Don’t die with your Bellissima Diva still in you!”

Another miracle is that my joy grows in the moment in which with my story, with my loving presence, I can inspire my sister souls in the world to look inside and surrender to their Bellissima Diva! This is my mission, my infinite joy!