Dear soul sister,

Tonight I want to tell you the story of JOY and then I have a question for you:
There was a girl who closed herself in her bedroom and dreamed of being a dancer, a singer, who brought joy to the people who came from all over the world to her village of tree houses. . . . you small and comfortable tree houses where you could hear the birds, the music of the wind, you could admire the sunrise, the sunset, fully savor the taste of freedom and feel in the womb of existence! Embrace those magical trees with thick foliage and infinite roots well anchored under the ground.
She danced. . . she closed her eyes and let the music fill her up to merge with her in the movements in every cell of her being in a total and joyful way
She sang. . . she closed her eyes and followed the birds singing on the branches around her and then the leaves, the wind, the sea. . . the pure joy of being!
She followed her inner engine. . . which always led her to joy
Her bedroom was her magical place where she was free to be and express herself together with the divine!
Out there was the real world, the confrontation, the fear of not liking, of not being good enough, of not being up to it. . . then the not bad, but unaware words of a loved one of his “Don’t sing. . . slowly: you are not in tune, the voice just isn’t your talent ”, they hurt her and one day she decided that all this would cultivate it only for herself and slowly. . . that magic died, filled with things to do, with books, with objectives to be achieved, competitions to be won, but that joy of the magical bedroom had never returned!
Years passed. . . . a deep crisis came: it was his soul that could not die without expressing himself, in his total creativity, and finally savoring that joy: the total joy of being and expressing himself, who we were born to be, in our hearts!
The joy of REAL creativity! That we all have – our uniqueness: we are UNIQUE divine beings with a place in the world just for us!

“Creativity has nothing to do with any particular activity – like painting, writing poetry, dancing, singing. Creativity is the quality you bring to the things you are doing, it is an attitude, an inner approach – the quality of the heart “- Osho
Then that child who became a woman decided to transform this pain of hers, listen to it and make it the springboard to dive into her deepest being, go through the dark and go to “fish” for the gifts that the divine had given her: the ability to see, listen, living things with the heart and letting the most beautiful gifts around her overflow from this sacred space.
He started dancing, singing, climbing trees, talking with the leaves, with the wind, listening to the birds singing, the sound of the sea. . . to dance with the divine trying again the pure JOY that lived in his bedroom, but this time EVERYWHERE no longer hidden but with the awareness of the gift he was living and the desire to share it with the sisters of the world with his eyes full of tears of Joyful gratitude!
It is never late to decide to be JOYFUL,
It is never late to decide to express ourselves, the unique, creative and divine beings that we are in our center
It is never too late to start singing, dancing, painting but also to walk, cook, listen to music and much more with the hands, eyes and ears of the heart. . . . the heart that does not judge, that welcomes, that includes with gratitude, loving-kindness, compassion, sense of ONE with the universe, the heart with its great alchemical power!
Dear Soul Sister, go in front of the mirror, look into your eyes, breathe deeply and remember what made JOY’s eyes shine when you were a child?
Now close your eyes, one more breath. . . feel that pure joy in your every cell! Don’t you miss it?
It is still in you! In your heart-soul! Go inside, go back to doing with your heart what made your eyes shine!
We are here to play our inner music, to make our Beautiful Diva shine! To be joyful and to infect the whole world with our joy in a circle of universal sisterhood!
With gratitude and love,
Your sister Elena