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business advisor & strategist

After 20 years of managerial career in various national and international companies in key Marketing and Commercial roles up to the deputy commercial director of an important Italian company, and four years of Business & Personal Advisor who have enriched this personal and professional path, with passion and determination, Elena mainly follows innovative projects, transformation, reorganization and expansion, supporting innovative companies to define and implement an optimal commercial strategy, in line and in balance with their organizational structure. Elena specializes in energetic-motivational work of people and organizations, to support them in realizing their full potential. In addition, as a Brand Strategist, her focus is to support entrepreneurs and managers to define and create solid brands (which reflect the founder’s values) and lasting (which are sustainable in the competitive context and over time).

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personal advisor


Elena Chiari is a consultant and accompanies women and men all over the world in a creative path of awareness aimed at rediscovering and realizing their talents: their true potential. Elena has deeply studied and practiced various methods and techniques designed to support human awareness at a deep energetic level to overcome conditioning and limiting patterns and rediscover and realize her own projects, in line with her own talents and energies.

Elena’s approach is innovative and profound: she combines awareness with concrete managerial techniques aimed at results in respect of herself, therefore of others and of the environment (essential for her).

A fundamental component of Elena’s programs is certainly the deep energetic work through techniques that derive from quantum physics, which is an ancient science proven by empirical experiments. The basis of this science tells us that everything in the universe is energy and responds to very specific energy laws. If you want to be joyful you need awareness and responsibility of your energies and alignment with your talents to fully express your potential.

“I have received the gift of understanding people’s unique talents, of feeling their TRUE potential. Supporting entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, artists, women and men to reconnect with their unique talents, their true potential and realize it in life (and then share it with others) is an honor and a joy for me”

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What they say about me…

I have had the privilege of coaching client to develop your global brand and have had the opportunity to see the amazing work she does for her own clients as a brilliant business strategist and intuitive. She has appeared to be especially skilled in creating exit strategies and selling businesses. She isn’t just focused on the business but also her clients creating inner happiness and a life of alignment. She brings passion to all she does.

Hanna Fitz

International Brand Strategist and Business Coach

Elena is a truly powerful leader In her industry. At our very first meeting I was received with impressive professionalism and I felt at home in her energetic frequency. Her techniques are rooted in love and light. She makes you feel beautiful from inside the soul of your goddess. I feel honored to know and to work with her.
Kinter Pierre

Founder Bespoke Lifestyle & Legacy Second Citizenship Lifestyle Consultant

I had the pleasure to work with Elena at J&J and always enjoyed the sharp approach, the determination to get things done, the business insights, as well as the good work environment shecreated around her. Elena is a top notch professional.

David Carvalho


I worked with Elena and have had the chance to appreciate her professionalism. Elena is a very result oriented manager,reliable and effettive in her initiatives. She has strategic view and thinking, key on complex markets and business.
Katia Romano

Direttore Marketing e Comunicazione Groupama, Groupama Assicurazioni S.p.A.

Elena conquers us immediately with her competence and professionalism. Then, her in depth work offers us many important keys of Self-knowledge and awareness that generates precious insights. Elena`s extremely professional and elegant approach makes us feel welcomed, marvelled and in excellent hands. I strongly recommend that you do what I did, thanks to the guidance and experience of Elena.

Vera Faria

Author, Speaker, Astrologer, Founder of Divine and Conscious Feminine Academy

I believe it is everyone’s desire to be aware of who we are, what is our destiny, the key to realize our desires, but very often all this becomes complicated on our own. Elena was a great lighting for me, with her professionalism, her kindness managed to support me descend into the depths of my heart with sweetness and acceptance. I wish everyone to have such an interesting and exciting experience with this beautiful Soul.
Maria Teresa Parrotta

Insurance Agent