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dear soul sister

I’m Elena Chiari, international soul stylist, image and self-care coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima DIVATM

I’m putting my passion at the service of women to support them to rediscover the contagious joy that only living by expressing their unique talents can give. I designed the exclusive Bellissima DivaTM  transformative programs that will help you rediscover, dress and celebrate the divine diamond within you, through the Reading of Numerological Energetics, in a creative path of awareness at a deep level, combining inner and outer beauty. This is not a simple job for me, it is my mission, a warm thank you from my heart to welcome it.

With gratitude and love.

Elena Chiari



your unique light that shines with contagious joy and beauty

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“No magic is needed to transform the world. Within us we already have all the power we need: the power to imagine it better.”

j. k. rowling


Open yourself to new visions and endless possibilities rediscovering your divine diamond that has always been inside you. Attract the life you desire, with full awareness, of who you were born to be, your unique talents, your energies and vibrations.

the journey of creating a sisterhood circle BellissimaDIVATM

how i started the jorney  

of rediscovering my Bellissima Diva and living from a space of alignment, passion, pleasure and purpose

Read chapter 1 of Bellissima DIVATM: the book


The voice works on an energetic-vibrational level.
This is why I made the intro of my book available also in the format AUDIO.



Unique program based on the Bellissima DIVATM personalized Energetic- Numerological Map that I created with all my heart to support you in bringing clarity and alignment with your divine being, life purpose and talents and from this space co-create the life you profoundly desire.


Innovative and unique personalized programs created by my heart to support you in dressing, adorning and celebrating your Bellissima Diva in a sacred ritual of inner listening to let your unique light and beauty shine from within. Possibility of a Bellissima DIVATM VIP weekend in a dream location in Fiesole or Florence with photoshooting.


A deeply transforming 90 days program, unique and innovative, to help you rediscover, adorn, dress and celebrate your Bellissima Diva on a path of increased self-awareness and rediscovery of your unique divine energies, from a place of elevated vibrational alignament.


Exclusive program dedicated to man to rediscover and align his powerful inner energies, unique talents and life purpose and to shine with this new light of rediscovered deep awareness and rootedness in working life and private life at 360 °.


Exclusive program dedicated to the couple to rediscover and align your powerful inner energies, unique talents and life purpose and how these relate to each other in support of the relationship or as evolutionary aspects, to shine with this new light of rediscovered awareness and rooting in couple life.

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Rediscover your unique divine energies through your personalized Energetic-Numerological Map Bellissima DivaTM/Your divine created by Elena and start your journey of energetic awareness to attrac the life you profoundly desire



Discover the guided meditations and dance “Bellissima Diva -The heart is the door” to be profoundly routed in your heart the most powerful magnet to attract the life you desire – English version is coming soon


Villetta eva

Elena Viola Aurora

Thanks to my daughters Aurora and Viola for having chosen me as their mother and thus giving me the gift of rebirth to welcome and unconditionally love my divine being and then be able to do it with them and them, in turn, with their children. I love you unique and divine as you are.

Thanks to their sparkling, luminous energy, full of life that helps me to make my inner child live and to love her unconditionally.

Our trio EVA believes in friendship and thanks all the soul-sisters in the world, united by a universal circle of divine sisterhood, which made me realize that I am not an only child and that only together, in the our feminine energy, rediscovering and fully experiencing our inner treasure, we can save ourselves, our children and the planet!

Villetta Eva, we open the doors to sisterhood

We believe in friendship and sisterhood, so the trio EVA has decided to open its home in some periods, to welcome people from all over the world who want to experience the exclusive Bellissima Diva programs in the comfort of an exclusive villa. The house is open in some periods of the year also to travelers discovering the charm and beauty of Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, or in search of relaxation among the Fiesolan hills, near the splendid Mugello.
It is also suitable for couples and small groups of friends.

Find the calendar in this LINK or you can CONTACT US and we will gladly evaluate your request!