Realize your true beauty

Realize your TRUE beauty

Rediscover your BellissimaDiva®

The TRUE beauty that comes from within!

dear soul sister

Bellissima Diva® is the international brand of beauty and inner and outer harmony because TRUE beauty comes from within, from rediscovering and realizing one’s talents, unique energies in a word: one’s TRUE potential and dressing it with the harmonious elegance and sensitivity of colors and shapes that come from the soul. Each woman has unique talents and style, rediscovering them and realizing them is the key to living the joyful and abundant life that she desires, in work, affections, friendships, in life at 360°.

I’m Elena Chiari Business Advisor, Strategist & Coach and founder of the international brand Bellissima Diva®. I support companies, entrepreneurs, managers, artists and professionals all over the world to realize their TRUE potential and their TRUE beauty.

With gratitude and love,

Elena Chiari


Realize your true potential and your true beauty

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discover the world of quantum physics energies


Discover the world of energies of quantum physics. It is scientifically proven by quantum physics, known since ancient times, that everything around and within us is energy and responds to very specific universal laws. Being aware of these mechanisms, of our energies and taking care of them with discipline every day is as CRUCIAL as physical activity and good nutrition to live the joyful and abundant life that we all desire.

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“You don’t need magic to transform the world. Inside we already have all the power we need: the power to imagine it better.”

J.K. Rowling


the reality surrounding you is the reflection of your energies


If you want to have a joyful and abundant life on all levels (emotional, energetic, material) take care of your space. Rediscover how to contact your inner energy center where there have always been the essential qualities of courage, determination, vision, gratitude, the most powerful magnets to attract the life you deeply desire. Do not follow your fears, anxieties, anger, go into the body, go down to your energy center, center yourself in this space and, from this space of high vibrational alignment, decide and create


Discover the Meditation techniques Bellissima Diva®



Bellissima diva® for her

Unique personalized energy alignment program designed to support you in rediscovering and realizing your TRUE potential by bringing clarity in your unique energies, life purpose and talents. 

Bellissima DIVA® vip party

Innovative and unique personalized program aimed at rediscovering, dressing, adorning and celebrating together your Bellissima DIVA® in the beauty and elegance of Florence.

Bellissima DIVA®

Innovative and unique deeply transformative program to support you in 90 days in rediscovering, adorning, dressing and celebrating your Bellissima Diva, in a path of heightened self-awareness and rediscovery of all your energies, to realize your TRUE potential and your TRUE beauty in a space of high vibrational alignment. Possibility to include a Bellissima Diva VIP Week-end in Florence.

Elena Chiari danza in un circolo di sorellanza globale
Bellissima diva® styling

Innovative and unique personalized programs created to support you in dressing, adorning and celebrating your Bellissima DIVA® in a sacred ritual of inner listening, thus realizing your TRUE beauty.

Coppia divina
Coppia divina
Bellissima diva® for him & her

Exclusive program dedicated to the couple to rediscover and align your powerful inner energies, to live the TRUE potential and the TRUE beauty of your relationship.

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Bellissima DIVA®

Find out how energetic awareness and the study of quantum physics can support you in rediscovering and realizing your TRUE potential in joy, abundance and deep alignment with your inner energies.

Bellissima DIVA®

Discover the meditations of inner centering “Bellissima Diva-The Heart is the Door”, that will support you in highlighting your talents, taking care of your deep space, in alignment with your inner energy center.