Business Mentor for companies made in Italy especially in crisis / transformation processes to bring them to their maximum potential also at an international level through the definition and implementation of business models of excellence in terms of ethical and energy-balanced contents and methods that can enhance the unique talents of the people.

TRANSFORMATION is the key word in alignment with your talents and energies, the path to which we are called more than ever at this time: ethical integrity, passion and clear strategic business vision, together with excellence in implementation are crucial to be able to achieve results on all levels in the medium / long term.

Elena’s professional career shares these values ​​enough to bring her, after a twenty-year career in marketing and sales for important companies, starting as a sales assistant and rising up to the position of vice-sales manager, to create a series of services for companies as business mentor and / or manager and for people as stylist coach & self-care advisor with the Bellissima DivaTM and Your Divine brands.

As Business Mentor I had a particular focus on marketing-commercial strategies, people-team working management in start-ups, sales and restructuring / crises / business transformations in Italy and abroad. I specialize in the energy work of people and organizations for the purpose of resolving corporate crises / transformations through techniques that derive from quantum physics ,aimed at a deep understanding of people, their talents and their energies, in order to be able to make the most of them in companies that, being made up of people, are energy bodies. This subtle work is crucial to insert the right resources in the various company positions and to have teams of excellence, passion and motivation with entrepreneurial energy to spread the basis for building and supporting results in the medium-long term. In short, in addition to eco-friendly (with the deserved great attention it has at the moment) we could say energy-friendly or structures compatible with the energy / talents of the individuals respectfully orchestrated in the process of co-creation of wealth on all levels.

I would be honored to collaborate with entrepreneurs in synchrony with the values ​​above and put at the service of their project all that I have to offer and can be useful in the co-creation of value and enhancement of talents and in the TRANSFORMATION that this moment is asking, TOGETHER.

They say about me…

I have had the privilege of coaching client to develop your global brand and have had the opportunity to see the amazing work she does for her own clients as a brilliant business strategist and intuitive. She has appeared to be especially skilled in creating exit strategies and selling businesses. She isn’t just focused on the business but also her clients creating inner happiness and a life of alignment. She brings passion to all she does.
Hanna Fitz

International Brand Strategist and Business Coach

I had the pleasure to work with Elena at J&J and always enjoyed the sharp approach, the determination to get things done, the business insights, as well as the good work environment shecreated around her. Elena is a top notch professional.
David Carvalho


I worked with Elena and have had the chance to appreciate her professionalism. Elena is a very result oriented manager,reliable and effettive in her initiatives. She has strategic view and thinking, key on complex markets and business.
Katia Romano

Direttore Marketing e Comunicazione Groupama, Groupama Assicurazioni S.p.A.