From my heart I would like to share with you and all soul sisters around the world the story of my rebirth as it shows that it is possible to live the abundant life you truly desire embracing your divine energy, purpose of life, unique talents, your inner divine diamond and in two words your Bellissima Diva.

Bellissima is the Italian word for very beautiful.

I’m Elena Chiari international business & personal coach, soul stylist, writer and founder of Bellissima Diva.

This is an invitation to my soul sisters around the globe to dig into yourself, release the old limiting layers and rediscover your Bellissima Diva in a circle of global sisterhood and from this divine space transform your life with joy and abundance.

My rebirth

My inner rebirth is described in my book “Bellissima Diva – The Birth”, of which you can request a free e-book by sending me an email at elena@elenachiari.com, and it begins like this:

“Dear soul sister, please stop for a moment, go in front of the mirror, look straight into your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself, “Am I fully honoring my desires? When was the last time I did something beautiful and nurturing for myself without guilt, fear or limiting beliefs? Why am I giving so much to others to the point of exhausting myself? How much am I holding back, thinking it’s late or impossible to be who I know I was born to be?”

I still remember that night seven years ago, when looking into my own eyes in the mirror, I felt a sudden chill remembering all those moments I had not been there for myself, because I was elsewhere. The tears, the discomfort, the sense of guilt for my feeling of emptiness despite a seemingly perfect life (success in work, family, love, travel, beautiful clothes).

Then, in my despair, I was inspired to give myself a warm embrace, caressing my face and I felt deep compassion for myself. For the first time, I had loved myself exactly as I am, as I’m born to be, a divine being on this planet, embracing my inner child who had often felt isolated, filled with creativity that was told not to express her passion because I wasn’t enough.

I warmed up in front of the fire, then instinctively opened the door, turned off the lights and sunk my eyes into the beauty of the sky above me. The stars shone and in my heart I felt like one of them!

I closed my eyes, put my hands on my heart, breathed deeply, I took another breath, plunging into my center, “sinking” into the middle of the stars.

I felt my inner being shine, loved by the universe as I am, exaggeratedly light! I danced bare foot on the grass under the stars celebrating my inner divine diamond in deep connection with the universe, filled with immense joy and gratitude!

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Our inner divine treasure

Keeping all this in my heart and soul as a precious gift, I went back inside, and in front of the fire, I was no longer the same.

I had seen, heard, and celebrated my inner treasure, rediscovered the lost diamond that had always been there, and made a decision to start the journey to nurture my true divine essence.

That evening the universe whispered to me a message that I’m now bringing to all soul sisters around the world:

“Elena, you have to follow your call, you have no more time. In total confidence and by letting yourself be guided in love and gratitude; respect yourself, your desires, your talents, your inner divine energy and dialogue with me, I will show you the way of the river flowing to the ocean.
 Rediscover, dress and celebrate your Bellissima Diva and help other women do it, each in her own unique way, because you’ve done it, so many other women can do it and the world needs this!

HERE AND NOW – to break the chains of sacrifice and compromises.

Bellissima Diva

You have a unique divine treasure inside you, your Bellissima Diva that has been suppressed by limiting beliefs, conditioning of society, family, school, perhaps, like me, you were told you were not enough or you have felt rejected or isolated because you feel different.

You are different! You are more than different you are unique, you are a Bellissima Diva, a woman born for greater impact with her unique divine talents and sacred feminine energy, a woman with her unique voice that vibrates in resonance with the universe.

The real journey is inside of us: after years of going deeper and studying with masters in numerology and energetic and spiritual work, I was able to truly transform my life.

I was a manager for 20 years in a corporate job and left it all behind to follow my soul call, serving passionate women, like you, helping them rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they truly desire and deserve.

Bellissima Diva™ Styling program

I created the innovative and unique personalized Bellissima Diva™ Styling program to support passionate women like you in rediscovering the divine energies, purposes, and talents of their inner divine diamond, at a profound energetic level.

It all starts with the Bellissima Diva’s™ Personalized Energetic- Numerological Reading and the work on limiting patterns and beliefs, in a sacred ritual of deep listening and inner awareness and external harmony.

The culmination of this ritual is a VIP weekend entirely dedicated to you to celebrate the rediscovery of your Bellissima Diva ™ in a beautiful location in Florence with the Bellissima Diva ™ Team (make-up artist, hairdresser and professional photographer).

For the occasion, you can wear one of the dresses from the first Bellissima Diva™ haute couture collection.

From my heart an invitation to dive, rediscover, embrace and celebrate your Bellissima Diva ™ and co-create with her the life you deeply desire, supporting with this divine feminine energy the transformation towards the new humanity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shine your unique light, your Bellissima Diva and sing your unique inner music before the curtain falls!

Ready to rediscover your Bellissima Diva and live the life you deeply desire in abundance and service with the sister souls in the world!

With love and gratitude.

Elena Chiari

Discover the exclusive Bellissima Diva™ Programs

to support you to live from a space of divine alignment, passion, pleasure, joy and abundance.

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Global Soul Stylist, International Business & Personal coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima Diva™

I have been a manager for 20 years in a corporate job until I became a Deputy Sales Director. I decided to leave all this behind to support innovative business projects and follow my soul-call, serving passionate women, like you, to help them to rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they desire and truly deserve, in a circle of universal sisterhood.