Through a process of deep internal transformation, my Rebirth began. Rediscovering Beauty in our feminine energy, we can encounter and celebrate our Bellissima DIVA, to reconstruct together a joyful and harmonic society.


As I wrote in my book “Bellissima DIVA- The Birth”, on a magical evening of 7 years ago the universal divine gave me an immense gift. It whispered to me:

Elena, you must follow your call, you do not have time anymore, in total faith and letting yourself be guided in love and gratitude, respect yourself, your talents, your inner treasure and holy feminine energy and talk to me, I will show you the way of the river that flows to the ocean. Rediscover, dress and celebrate your Bellissima DIVA and help other women do it, each in her unique light. You went through this and succeeded, you can support many other women to do the same, the world needs this! Here and now, help break the chains of sacrifice, of compromises, of waivers, help the sister souls of the world to be and celebrate the divine goddess that is inside them, in their holy feminine energy. Guide the women in the world to rediscover their Bellissima DIVA in universal sisterhood – for them, for their children and for the entire world!”

As prophesied by the Dalai Lama and by other spiritual guides, this is the era of women. Only by saving themselves, women will be able to save the world, tapping into their powerful feminine energy which brings them to seek harmony in themselves and with others, and to consider the happiness of others as an integral part of their own, the only hope to build a society of peace and authentic serenity.

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Before talking about feminine energy I want to tell you a true story: that of Albert Einstein. The more Einstein delved into the depths of substance, the more bewildered he was. It became necessary to leave behind every logic and rationality: he realised that it is impossible to give orders to existence, because it does not follow the logic: logic is a product of men. Einstein remembered that at a certain point of his life he realised he could not think rationally anymore, because doing so would have been unproductive. There is a time when life pushes you to abandon logic and rationality, to simply listen to nature and to its energetic vibes. For me this means going from knowledge, which resides in the brain, to awareness which finds itself in the heart, intended as a spiritual epicentre. The next step is putting rationality, logic and pragmatism, typical of male energy, at the service of intuition, vision skills and deep comprehension typical of female energy, with a constant and respectful dialogue, rooted in awareness.


We all have feminine and masculine energies, represented by the left and right part of the body and left and right part of the brain respectively. In women, the feminine energy is naturally predominant. However at times, especially in Western cultures, feminist movements brought to an exasperation of the role of women and brought them to develop more the masculine energy. Unfortunately, this happened to me as well, in my past as a business manager, when I was pushed to sacrifice a lot of my feminine energy, my creativity, my listening skills and the deepest expression of myself, until I got sick (the retina detached from my left eye). There is when my transformation began. This does not mean abandoning the male energy, but balancing masculine and feminine energy, putting our male rational-logic, which resides in our mind, at the service of our intuitive and visionary feminine energy, through a process of awareness aimed at meeting our inner treasure (Bellissima DIVA/Your Divine).

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Feminine energy is like water. It is very powerful in digging into and flowing through the rocks, it lets itself flow, it is sensitive, open, perceptive, inclusive, soft and sends back the heart to its deep holy wisdom. Masculine energy is like a rock. It is solid, rational, logic, pragmatic, it is rooted in the characteristics of brain energy. An equilibrium based on a constant dialogue between the two is needed, a dance I would say. The key is the conscious listening of these energies, the space to let them live, to express themselves and dialogue between each other in alliance. In the inner dialogue, the masculine would talk to the feminine and, if this happens through the door of the heart, the unexpected will happen: the transformation of sometimes conflicting energies to allied energies, which respect their uniqueness and dialogue towards the equilibrium. The illuminating force of this trip is awareness, the presence in the Here and now through meditation which supports us in contacting the door of the heart and observing, from this spiritual epicentre, everything that happens. Welcoming with love our feminine energy with compassion, gratitude and joy is an essential quality of the heart.


Numerology is a useful tool to raise the awareness and rooting of your feminine energy, of your Bellissima DIVA, of its talents, energies, light and shadow vibrations and from this space of increased vibrational alignment, taking full responsibility and stepping towards external substance. This can be done by revealing to the world this unique and sacred beauty and feminine energy to the eyes of the world, through the holy ritual of adorning, dressing and celebrating with deep gratitude your Bellissima DIVA, alone or even in a circle with other soul sisters. The celebration and dance with the spirit of gratitude are deeply spiritual! Everything starts from us, from taking full responsibility of our life, rediscovering, embracing and celebrating our powerful and sacred feminine energy. The biggest challenge for women today is loving ourselves, letting go of the chains of sacrifice, abandoning the limiting beliefs and external biases. On the contrary, we are now called to take care of ourselves, to grow with awareness through a daily spiritual routine. We should now embrace who we deeply are, to meet our true divine essence, our unique divine talents and the deepest wishes of our soul. Only this can bring us joy and beatitude, which we will then be able to share with the rest of the world.

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Loving and accepting other people unconditionally with deep compassion is primarily rooted in the unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and our true nature, in a path of full awareness. Our biggest challenge requires unity: being able to recognise in ourselves and then in our soul sisters our Bellissima DIVA, our divine talents and shine together each in her unique light, dancing her unique dance in a circle of global sisterhood.


After years spent deepening and studying with masters of numerology and energetic and spiritual work from all over the world, I have been able to transform my life. I have been a manager for 20 years, reaching the role of Deputy Commercial Director. I decided to leave all this behind to follow my soul call, to put my passion for beauty and inner and outer energy at the service of the powerful feminine energy, which is the energetic portal of this new era. Quoting the Dalai Lama, and many other spiritual guides, this is the only force which could save humanity.




Elena Chiari dances in a circle of global sisterhood
From my heart I created the exclusive transformational programmes Bellissima DIVA, to support you in rediscovering, embracing, wearing and celebrating the divine diamond inside you, through a creative process of awareness on a deep energetic level. Because real beauty comes from inside, the first step is rediscovering, by digging, the divine diamond inside us and embracing with gratitude and care its powerful and unique energies. The key is rediscovering its sacred femininity, letting biases and past impediments go. From this space of high vibrational alignment, you will then be able to celebrate your Bellissima DIVA adorning and dressing her in a holy ritual. From numerology I discovered that my divine name is unity and I deeply believe that this is the time to merge the two worlds: exterior and interior beauty in harmony and self-respect, because true beauty and harmony comes from inside, letting the divine diamond which you were born to be, shine! The core of my programmes is the Energetic Numerological Personalised Bellissima DIVA reading, which will help you increase your self-awareness. It will help you rediscover your energies, your life goal, your talents, to then work on limiting schemes and beliefs, through a sacred ritual of deep listening between inner awareness and outer harmony. You will learn to embrace your inner child as well, to dissolve your wounds and rebalance your male and female energies.


The crowning of this ritual is a VIP week-end entirely dedicated to you to celebrate your rediscovered Bellissima DIVA in an exclusive location, where you will admire an incomparable view on Florence with our Team (make-up artist, hair stylist and professional photographer). You will have the Bellissima DIVA Chalet in Fiesole entirely for yourself, and for the occasion you could wear one of the dresses from the first Bellissima DIVA haute couture collection. From my heart, I send you an invitation to dive into, rediscover, embrace and celebrate your Bellissima DIVA and co-create with her the life that your soul deeply desires. All together, we can contribute to the birth of a new humanity.


With love and gratitude,

Your sister Elena

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Global Soul Stylist, International Business & Personal coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima Diva™

I have been a manager for 20 years in a corporate job until I became a Deputy Sales Director. I decided to leave all this behind to support innovative business projects and follow my soul-call, serving passionate women, like you, to help them to rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they desire and truly deserve, in a circle of universal sisterhood.