There are conflicting ideas about meditation and inner research: some believe that they are only for people who have nothing to do, others that they are against the pleasures of life, like money, not compatible with the material world. The lockdown period was a great opportunity to look inside ourselves and explore these subtle worlds.

What is the inner search that leads to spirituality?

First of all what it is not: it is not believing in a god above, but exploring the divinity placed within us, our awareness, which I define as our Bellissima Diva and Your Divine – Tuo Divino. It is not a world apart, detached from the real world, but it guides manifestations in matter to a higher level, including abundance in all dimensions.

We are energetic beings as proved by quantum physics. Everything in and around us is energy, and it responds to the cosmic laws which I will discuss in another article.

We have a physical body to take care of, with exercise and a healthy diet, and at the same time we have a spiritual-energetic body whose center is the heart, where the essential qualities of joy, bliss, love, compassion, gratitude, peace, creativity, clarity, centering, beauty, wisdom and intuitive intelligence reside and where there is no separation, we are ONE with the universe.

The inner search yearns for what supports you in the growth of your awareness, understood as a presence in the HERE AND NOW, in acceptance of what is there.

The inner search allows you to walk many paths that will help you look inside yourself and connect with your spiritual center, to BE and grow in awareness, in understanding yourself and your energies, thus supporting you to contact the joy, gratitude, love, peace, beauty and harmony that have always been in you, in your Bellissima Diva ™ / Your Divine (Tuo Divino).

You cannot avoid spirituality because it is part of you!

Nobody says they don’t want to be joyful, peaceful and relaxed. But the true peace and joy that overflow from within are the fruit of spirituality and does not depend on external events or people, they are the freedom that comes from within!

So everyone on this planet is an inner seeker because each of us aspires to peace, joy and love.

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How then?

meditazione ricerca interiore
By creating space, distance from everything that happens on the sidelines, on the “stage of life”, away from stress, conditioning, limiting beliefs, and emotions that the mind – to which we have given full power in Western society – has generated. Digging into ourselves, realizing that there is much more to our personality and observing all this as witnesses.

This sounds very nice, but how can I access it? Through meditation and the door of the heart.

It may take some time to grasp, but just think that the purpose of meditation is simply to learn how to relax and rest deeply in your heart, understood as an inner / spiritual center.

Distance yourself from stress, from busy minds, from emotions, from facts that happen on the outside. Center yourself in your own divine being and, from this sacred space, observe what flows on the “sidelines” without judgment, with acceptance of what is there, without identification, as witnesses. Meditation leads us to look within ourselves, towards our true nature.

The importance of breathing.

Breathing is essential, breathing from the navel deeply supports the journey towards our divine diamond, our Bellissima Diva ™ / Your Divine – Tuo Divino.

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Obstacles of the lying mind!

It’s simple and everyone can do it, and now is the time. People often complain about not having time: you have to know that the mind will find a million excuses, of course, because the mind doesn’t like to lose control – and that’s what happens with meditation. Our mind does not like going from being the “empress” to being the “servant”, although it is the right role it should have: to be at the service of our heart, understood as a spiritual-energetic center, in a constant internal dialogue in loving awareness.

The real journey is inside!

Go inside, dig and explore the source of joy that is within you.

Access your divine being and you will find something beyond words, pure joy and peace, arising from within.

Why is the heart so important in the inner journey?

Most human suffering is useless. We inflict it on ourselves until, without our knowledge, we let the mind take control of our life.

Western societies have given full power to the mind, which has taken over as the “empress” in our body-soul. Our heart, understood as a spiritual center, is the door to contact the joy, gratitude, love, harmony and beauty that have always been within us and, with heightened awareness, initiate a compassionate and disciplined dialogue with the mind by placing it at its service, the logical capacity – practical masculine energy – that resides in the brain, at the service of intuition, vision, inclusion and co-creation with the universe of female energy, which is based in the heart.

The heart is the emperor! The mind is its faithful servant.

All the really important things – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – are born beyond the mind. They already reside within you, in your heart, the most powerful magnet with alchemical power.

Our biggest mistake, a matter of awareness and perspective.

Our biggest mistake is starting from our state of imperfection, in reality we are already everything, we are already perfect: we must become aware of it. Everything is already there, even if we can’t see it. The work of art is already within us. We just have to get the tools to free it.
(cit. Echar Tolle)

We are looking in the wrong direction – lets turn our eyes inwards!

With love and gratitude!

Elena Chiari
Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Global Soul Stylist, International Business & Personal coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima Diva™

I have been a manager for 20 years in a corporate job until I became a Deputy Sales Director. I decided to leave all this behind to support innovative business projects and follow my soul-call, serving passionate women, like you, to help them to rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they desire and truly deserve, in a circle of universal sisterhood.