Rediscover, adorn, dress and celebrate the divine diamond within you



A deeply transforming 90 days program, unique and innovative, to help you rediscover, adorn, dress and celebrate your Bellissima Diva on a path of increased self-awareness and rediscovery of all your energies, from a place of elevated vibrational alignment. Plus celebrate your rediscovered Bellissima DIVATM with a VIP Week-end in Florence.

90 days with 12 sessions of 1 hour and a VIP Week-end in Florence!

Step 1 Map of self-awareness

I will support you in collecting real, limiting and cultural facts and then analyzing their meanings thus arriving to a map of self-awareness based on facts and situations; because part of the disconnection from the divine being derives from the misinterpretation of situations that are a result of conditioning and limiting beliefs. The self-awareness map will help you really understand where you stand in relation to your male and female energies and your inner child. You will be provided with the Bellissima Diva self-awareness map and my book “Bellissima Diva – The birth” that starts from this (English version coming soon)

Step 2 Rediscover your divine energies

Your Bellissima Diva numerological energy reading and its dossier map will be transmitted to move you from the edge of what you think you are to the center, where you are the divine diamond, your Beautiful Diva with her life purpose and divine energies in their light vibrations (unique talents) and shadow (challenges, for example in the various life cycles). You will be given the unique Bellissima Diva energy-numerological map, the booklet, the recording of the sessions and the “Beautiful Diva the heart is the door – Activate the map” meditation that will guide you in the activating of those powerful energies inside you and increase your awareness.

Step 3 Create an elevated vibrational alignment from your heart

I will support you in rediscovering your spiritual superpower: your heart, the door of your soul with its alchemical power, the most powerful magnet to attract, from within, the life you deeply desire. I will also help you create and live your daily spiritual routine, crucial in keeping, for as long as possible, this position of high vibrational alignment. You will be provided with meditation material and assistance to embrace and nurture your inner child and make your feminine and masculine energies dance with increased awareness. You will be given a guided meditation and four exercises in audio files that you can listen to whenever you want to support you in activating the alchemical power of your heart more and more frequently.

Step 4 Adorn, dress and celebrate your newly found Bellissima Diva

From the increased awareness of your divine diamond, rediscovered from your heart, I will support you in dressing, adorning and celebrating your Bellissima DIVA ,in a sacred ritual of inner listening to let your unique light and beauty shine from within. This can be done online, examining your wardrobe and selecting outfits for different situations, or with the possibility of a VIP weekend in a dream location in Fiesole or Florence with photoshooting. You will live a journey, a sacred ritual from the inside to the outside in deep connection with your Bellissima Diva that will culminate in a dance, your unique divine dance with the meditation “Bellissima Diva – the dance”, dedicated from my heart to your heart.

Step 5 Live the transformation

From your heart, in deep connection with your Bellissima Diva, I will support you in writing your Vision and your Bellissima Diva Vision Board as a deep inspiration for your co-creation with the universe, choosing a daily spiritual routine with which to energetically feed your vision from your heart, your inner spiritual centre of increased awareness and presence

Week-end completely dedicated to you to adorn, dress and celebrate your rediscovered Bellissima Diva – includes:
– 3 days / 2 nights in Villetta Eva entirely dedicated to you
– 1 Gala event in a beautiful luxury location overlooking Florence
– 3 hours of coaching with the Bellissima Diva staff (make-up artist, hairdresser coordinated by Elena), possibility of wearing one of the haute-couture dress from the first Bellissima Diva collection; 1 hour of personalized photo-shooting

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what you will gain from the program

    • Deep alignment and rooting in your divine being and purpose of the soul and ability to connect with your heart and its transformative / alchemic power, in order to attract the life you deeply desire, opening the doors to pure joy, abundance and freedom


    • Increased awareness to be able to let go of obstacles, limiting beliefs and conditioning that were holding you back from living the life you deeply want so that you can safely take bold actions in the direction of your dreams.


    • New insights, greater clarity and strength to fully express your talents and gifts to transform your life at your hearts desire


    • Practical ability in everyday life to listen to your vibrational system and make conscious choices about how you want to vibrate and consequently about what you are inviting in your life (principles of quantum physics


    • Powerful connection with your sacred and divine femininity by increasing your self-esteem so that you can obtain success in anything you really want by balancing your masculine and feminine energies and putting your mind at the service of the heart to co-create the life you profoundly desire


    • Ability in everyday life to nurture and dialouge with your inner child and your male and female energies in a balanced way for an increased and joyful freedom in life


  • Bellissima Diva VIP Week-end to fully live and celebrate your Bellissima Diva in a dream location with a staff of people entirely dedicated to you (make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer coordinated by Elena)

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VIP Weekend in Florence included!

intensive VIP PROMO
3.500 EURO
with vip weekend in florence 3 days/2 nights

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Ready to live your life in connection with your Bellissima DIVATM

With love and gratitude,

Elena Chiari