Rediscover the divine diamond within you

Meet Elena Chiari


International Soul Stylist, image and self-care coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima DIVATM

Elena Chiari is an international soul stylist and consultant with an innate ability to support and inspire women passionate about rediscovering, dressing and celebrating their Bellissima Diva, the divine diamond within them, the most powerful magnet to attract the life that they deeply desire. Elena is putting her deep passion at the service of women to help them rediscover the contagious joy that only living by expressing their unique talents and life purpose can give. For this she has designed the unique and exclusive Bellissima DIVATM transformative programs that will help you rediscover, dress and celebrate the divine diamond within you through the Energetic Numerologica Bellissima Diva Reading in a creative path of awareness at a deep energetic-vibrational level, combining inner and outer beauty. This is not just a job for her, it’s her mission.


If rediscovering my Bellissima Diva, my divine inner treasure is a joy for me, sharing this journey with other women and seeing them celebrate their own Bellissima Diva is an even greater joy, contagious, unstoppable, able to fill the planet in a circle of universal sisterhood  


Elena has studied deeply and practiced various methods, techniques designed to help us cure ancient wounds and limiting patterns to overcome them. This together with the crucial Energetic-Numerological work to rediscover our life purpose, unique talents and shadow vibration and increase the awareness of the divine in each of uswe are already unique and divine diamonds, only we have forgotten and we need someone who is a transparent mirror in which we can lovingly reflect on what we are and reactivate this deep connection of soul by going inside, because the true journey is within us.


Elena’s approach is innovative and profound: she combines inner and outer beauty that are deeply connected to her in what she called “the new era of the style of souls“; only a deep connection between outer and inner beauty with the loving acceptance of who we are born to be can light our divine diamond, our Bellissima Diva who shines above all things.


I received with love and gratitude the gift of the existence of being able to reflect the unique talents that every woman has within her, her inner treasure, her diamond. I feel a profound joy in sustaining their flowering because every flower is unique and makes the world a more beautiful place full of that infinite beauty that comes from being deeply what we were born to be, our divine diamonds, our Bellissima Diva. The world needs this, our Bellissima Diva, their unique light that shines with contagious joy. I firmly believe in the power of global sisterhood: together we remain, together we grow, shining our unique light in our unique dance ”.


What they say about me…

Elena conquers us immediately with her beauty, nurturing presence and kindness. Then, her in depth work offers us many important keys of Self-knowledge and awareness that generates precious insights. Elena`s extremely professional and elegant approach makes us feel welcomed, marvelled and in excellent hands. She weaves wisdom, spirituality and glamour in a most unique blend of arts, talents and heart. I strongly recommend that you do what I did: with the loving guidance of wonderful Elena, surrender to the Bellissima Diva that is inside yourself, ready to shine in all her glory!
Vera Faira

Author, Speaker, Astrologer, Founder of Divine and Conscious Feminine Academy

Elena is a truly powerful leader In her industry. At our very first meeting I was received with impressive professionalism and I felt at home in her energetic frequency. Her techniques are rooted in love and light. She makes you feel beautiful from inside the soul of your goddess. I feel honored to know and to work with her.
Kinter Pierre

Founder Bespoke Lifestyle & Legacy Second Citizenship Lifestyle Consultant

I believe it is everyone’s desire to be aware of who we are, what is our destiny, the key to realize our desires, but very often all this becomes complicated on our own. Elena was a great lighting for me, with her professionalism, her kindness managed to support me descend into the depths of my heart with sweetness and acceptance. The energy map, the tool that Elena uses following numerology has been indispensable for understanding my soul, the parts of light and those of dark. Elena managed to bring out buried parts of me, like the expression of my femininity, thanks to her dance of Bellissima Diva. I wish everyone to have such an interesting and exciting experience with this beautiful Soul.
Maria Teresa Parrotta

Insurance Agent

After many experiences related to a path of personal growth, I had the pleasure of rediscovering further aspects of my interiority, sometimes forgotten or even removed. Thanks to Elena’s work I found hints of introspection, of reconnection with the Divine, and a greater stimulus to not neglect any tool that could guide me on a path of awareness. I can consider the energy of numbers as a divine gift that can be fully part of my personal sphere, to be considered in every aspect of my reality. Thank you, Elena, Bellissima Diva!
Paolo Risaliti