“Our vision will become clear only when we look into our hearts. Those who look outwards dream. Those who look inside open their eyes and awaken.” Carl Gustav Jung

Spirituality is an awakening to oneself. This awakening has no connection to external practices. It is about entering into yourself and gaining awareness. Awakening and becoming a witness, being aware of what is HERE AND NOW.

Spirituality is awareness, and awareness is like turning on a light in a dark room, it is joyful bliss that transforms your life into your unique dance with the divine.

The real journey is within us to rediscover the inner divine diamond that has always been there, with its unique vibrations and energetic imprint through numerology thus increasing our awareness of who we are to be, of our purpose of life, of our unique talents and dress them with that unique style that comes from the soul.

Only from this space of divine alignment can we attract the life we deeply desire by co-creating with the universal divine, taking full responsibility for our existence.

Numerology is the spirituality of numbers that energetically represent a spiritual evolution towards a higher love, the divine love that is everywhere.

It is science that derives from quantum physics and has been known around the world since ancient times. They derive from your date, time and place of birth and from your name and surname through gematria, which is the science that assigns numerical values to letters.

This is because when we are born our energy fields go through a “funnel” that forms them and that is influenced by the stars and the energies of the numbers which are complementary and synergistic.

There are various types of numerology:

  • Pythagorean (with numbers from 1 to 9);
  • Vedic (Indian);
  • Kabbalistic (Jewish);

The Bellissima Diva™ map is a unique approach that coordinates and complements them at a 360 ° energy-vibrational awareness.

Discover your numerological divine energies

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Numbers as vibrational tools

Numbers are vibrational tools, more specifically “labels” of vibrational gates existing in the universe, inside and outside us, and support our awareness and our being witnesses (observers) and more and more responsible vibrational beings.

We are energetic beings as shown by quantum physics. Everything in and around us is energy and responds to cosmic energy laws, which I will talk about in another article.

We have a physical body to take care of with exercise and a healthy diet, and we have a spiritual energetic body that responds to cosmic laws (of attraction and sincronicity). The two are deeply interconnected.

Taking care of our spiritual-energetic and physical body is crucial to live in joy, abundance and harmony. The key of self-care is awareness and respect of who we deeply are with gratitude.

Sometimes what deviates us from taking action is self-sabotage because it is linked to fears, deeper traumas. The key is awareness, presence here and now, which is like turning on a light in a dark room.

With the awareness of the vibrations of the numbers (both the light and the shadow parts) we can recognize them when we live them, observe them and intentionally (responsibly) decide where we want to be and open our heart so that the things that hinder us (trauma, limiting conditioning) can be dissolved and we can rise in the vibrations of the numbers, slowly releasing the ballasts of the past.

Happiness does not depend on events but on mankind’s ability to remain centered in self-awareness and taking responsibility for its own life which is co-creation from the heart with the universal divine.

The Bellissima Diva ™/Your Divine personalized Energy-Numerological map is the first important step in the direction of rediscovering the “divine diamond” powers within you, your soul, its vibrations, purpose of life, talents and challenges, thus opening up to its new visions and infinite possibilities and attract the abundant and satisfying life that you deeply desire in a path of deep awareness and divine alignment. 

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Following the personalized energetic-numerological map transmitted during the session, there is a deeper and clearer understanding of who we were born to be, thus receiving a real invitation from the universal divine to spiritually direct one’s life towards the unique precious diamond that we are, in fact, our Bellissima Diva/Your Divine.

This map helps shed light on the talents, strengths and shadow areas of yourself and others, the challenges, the energies of the four life cycles, increasing awareness of yourself and of the relationships that act like a mirror. Distortions may arise due to having used little or badly some of your talents.

The invitation, in these cases, is to remember that, within us we are unique and perfect beings as we are and we have all the resources to be able to “go home” or live in alignment with your Bellissima Diva / Your Divine, the essence that we were born to be and make our unique talents blossom, sharing them with the world and thus being co-creators of our healing.

A friend of mine, who is also a numerologist, told me a very nice story:

There is a little cow for which one type of grass is good but she is curious and would like to taste more, for this reason they put up a barbed wire fence so she is preserved.

We have free will when we tune in deep, we understand what is good for us, then we want to experience “the grass of the neighbor” and it hurts us, and so far everything is ok, the problem is that we have failed to listen to our body that is telling us, like an alarm bell, that it hurts us and we turn on the television of the mind that complains of the outside when the outside is a mirror of the old – we move away from our sensations and enter thoughts and get lost in thoughts.

The energetic-numerological reading can be extended to one or more relationships – relational numerological energetic reading – thus helping to understand how the energies of the two people interact in the various key numbers distinguishing the energies in assonance and those in evolutionary dissonance – which with awareness can become “stepping stones” of inner growth because this is the true gift of relating. 

Numerology is an energetic-vibrational work. The transmission session will be fundamental, which will be recorded, with your permission, and which you can listen to again together with the reading of the document “Personalized Energy-Numerological Card”.

After the session, by listening to yourself, you can decide to reconnect with your vibrations, activating the numerological energy map of your divine diamond that has always been within you, with gratitude towards the divine universal by feeling part, ONE with it.

To accompany you in this important step, I give you with all my heart the guided meditation “Bellissima Diva, series the heart is the door – first guided meditation: activate the map” an invitation from the divine universal, which can accompany you in the reactivation if you wish of the map and therefore the decision to realign yourself with your divine being, with deep gratitude in a circle of sisterhood.

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Global Soul Stylist, International Business & Personal coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima Diva™

I was a manager for 20 years in a corporate job and left it all behind to follow my soul call, serving passionate women, like you, helping them rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they truly desire and deserve.