After years of spiritual research and experimentation with various methods and techniques on a psychological, energetic and spiritual level, I had the gift of life to come across numerology on an international level.

Numbers have always fascinated me and talked about!

Being very sensitive to energies and perceptions, the experience of my numerological framework, which I wanted to experience from numerous sources, deeply enriched my awareness of who I was born to be, of my energies, talents, light and shadow vibrations, my challenges and life cycles.

Hence, I would like to share with you the value of numerology to which I am very grateful and what it has meant for me: to discover my energies and, with this heightened awareness, to transform my life more in line with whom I was born to be, truer, more joyful and abundant.

For instance, I discovered that I have as my destiny number the number six, the number of the guardian angel, of beauty, of harmony, and therefore I recognized and felt my great inner yearning for harmony and inner and outer beauty. The number 6 is also the number of the service and I felt within myself this joy that I feel in sharing harmony and beauty with others, the inspiration towards harmony and inner and outer beauty. This six, in the end, is Bellissima DIVA.

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numerology helps us to reach our inner centering

November Challenge Energy 6

Another important number for me is my soul, my soul essence, number three, the number of artists and those who have an artistic soul.

This is why I suffered in my managerial career: I was expressing my masculine energy and repressing my powerful feminine energy so much that I had a major physical problem in my left eye, for which I risked losing my sight. It was my feminine who was suffering and needed to express itself and therefore, in these years, I have cultivated this creative energy with Bellissima DIVA through meditations, videos, music, the Bellissima DIVA song that I am creating, the personalized clothes on the energies in collaboration with other sisters.

All this together with my transformation was crucial to understand in the heart that everything that was happening to me was for my good, to empty my ego, to distance myself from the mind and refocus myself in the heart, in the ever-increasing awareness of who I was born to be and in the joy that only living who we are deeply, our essence, our Bellissima DIVA, our soul can bring!

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Here are some of my findings with my complete numerological picture:

1. I have a creative, cheerful and positive artistic soul, lively with the talent to inspire with communication, unite and aggregate people (this is why my soul could not expand in my twenty-year career as a manager and I attracted the experiences that, even if “negative” at that moment were a gift to let go of life that did not reflect my essence);

2. a vocation as an alchemical builder, which is realized in daily life with a desire to build through the transformation proper to alchemists, transforming critical situations into successes, if rooted in the heart;

3. my destiny, that is, the life purpose that my soul chose before reincarnating, is service in harmony and beauty through the heart of the guardian angel (the archetype of 6) by cultivating sisterhood, compassion and unconditional love: my great longing for Bellissima DIVA in the world in universal sisterhood!

4. My quintessence – a kind of super power – is the courage and determination of the warrior of light: my perseverance and determination not to die with my music in my heart and want to play it in the world!

5. My energy gift of this life is 8: the queen, building in matter by coordinating others and sharing co-created wealth;

6. my name of God is unity, that is to unite from the heart the opposites that are “only” the two sides of the coin – this is why I attract many situations of separation;

7. the current life cycle in energy 1 – new beginnings! Realign life to your soul, transform it and go back to walking in a more real, respectful way. For this, more in joy and love first for ourselves and then, shared, for others;

8. my next life cycle in two years begins in energy 11 of the lighthouse, an energy that gives the opportunity from the heart to be of support to others to promote their inner and outer well-being;

9. my main challenge is to be myself! Love myself as I am and welcome others as they are in a circle of giving and receiving and letting myself be loved for who I really am.

Find out how numbers can help you grow too, in the awareness of who you were born to be and of your deep energies, talents and life cycles.

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See you soon!

With love and gratitude,


Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Elena Chiari

Global Soul Stylist, International Business & Personal coach, writer, numerologist and founder of Bellissima Diva™

I have been a manager for 20 years in a corporate job until I became a Deputy Sales Director. I decided to leave all this behind to support innovative business projects and follow my soul-call, serving passionate women, like you, to help them to rediscover their Bellissima Diva and attract the abundant and joyful life they desire and truly deserve, in a circle of universal sisterhood.