Bellissima Diva® Activation in a Circle of Sisterhood

Unique program based on the personalized Bellissima Diva® Energetic-Numerological map, the first crucial step to rediscover the divine diamond within you, your soul, its vibrations, life purpose, sacred feminine energy, talents and, from this space of heightened awareness and clarity, attract the abundant and satisfying life you deeply desire.

The total price of the packages is for 6 participants.

Would you like to interact with the Bellissima Diva staff? Personalize your program asking for personalized quotes.



Only by rediscovering, embracing and celebrating this powerful energy in a circle of global sisterhood will women be able to rediscover the true joy of being the divine diamonds they were born to be, their Bellissima Dive® and shine with their unique light and serve from a space of high vibrational alignment, expressing your unique talents and divine mission, thus sharing this joy and abundance with everyone around them!

Let's flood the world with joyful circles of sisterhood - the Staff Bellissima Diva® Circle of Sisterhood: the founder Elena Chiari and the wonderful voice of Samantha Serafini can't wait!

  • Heart-centering opening meditation in a circle of sisterhood
  • Numerology the map numbers that will be given to all participants with the transmission of their 5 key energies (1st event), life cycles (2nd event), complete reading, personalized mantra and activation (3rd event). Each event will last approximately 1 hour and a half
  • Favorite songs of celebration of the Bellissima Diva sung live by the beautiful voice of Samantha Serafini
  • Gratitude dance in a sisterhood circle
  • Ebook and set of three videos Bellissima Diva ™
  • CD with 10 tracks of guided meditations Bellissima Diva the heart is the door
  • Private event recording (or live option)