Exclusive program, unique in the world of the integrated wisdom of astrology and numerology, to support you in rediscovering your life purpose, talents, psycho-energetic patterns, sacred feminine energy, life challenges and cycles, astrological updated transits and more.


What the program includes

  • The personalized Energetic-Numerological map with your divine numbers
  • The same personalized Energetic-Numerological Map, empty and ready for activation
  • The personalized Astralogical Map
  • Three sessions of 1 hours each in which the energy-vibrations, details of your maps will be transmitted (numerological with Elena, astrological with Vera and integration with both)
  • The recording of the sessions that you can listen to whenever you want (we recommend that you do before the activation)
  • The personalized Mantra of your Divine in alignment with the AstroNumDIVINE integrated reading
  • Materials: The first Bellissima DIVA ™ guided meditation

The heart is the door: activate the map" from my heart to accompany you, along with the audio introduction to my meditations, e-book "Bellissima Diva - The birth" and the double CD of the guided meditations "Bellissima Diva - The heart is the door”

From this space of increased awareness and high vibration alignment, you attract the life that your soul deeply desires in joy, abundance, self-respect and love. December is a crucial month, with epic events at energetic cosmic level, urging us to go inside, so we can deepen our self-knowledge and reinvent ourselves.

An extraordinary opportunity to join AstroNumDIVINE Rediscovery Program and illuminate with your powerful and unique energies, life scope and talents to live in abundance, love and joy in 2021/2022!

For the first 4 subscriptions, we are offering the personalized AstroNumDIVINE Mantra Music and participation to the next exclusive AstroNumDIVINE Live Show! Book now your discovery call with Elena and Vera (Italian, English or Portuguese)!

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