Bellissima DIVA®  VIP PARTY

Innovative and unique personalized program dedicated to a small group (4/6 friends) to rediscover, dress, adorn and celebrate together your Bellissima DIVA® in the beauty and elegance of Florence. You will experience the unforgettable experience of the Bellissima Diva® staff entirely dedicated to you for the evening event in which you will celebrate, your rediscovered Bellissime Dive with meditation, dances and a professional photoshoot in a sisterhood circle. You will learn to rediscover and realize your TRUE potential and TRUE beauty.



What the program includes

  • A one hour of personalized energy path based on the ancient science of numerology which derives from quantum physics, to support you in the awareness of your unique energies, life purpose, talents, energies of your life cycles, challenges (shadow energies). Since it is scientifically proven by quantum physics, known since ancient times, that everything around and within us is energy and responds to very specific universal laws. Be aware of these mechanisms, of our energies and taking care of them with discipline every day is as CRUCIAL as physical and good activity nutrition to live the joyful and abundant life that we all desire.
  • 3 hours of personalized coaching staff to support you in dressing, adorning and celebrating your rediscovered Bellissima Diva® with a specialized staff (make-up artist, hairdresser and professional photographer) sensibly coordinated by Elena in an evening event entirely dedicated to you
  • One hour of professional photoshoot
  • Meditation, Aperitif and Bellissima Diva® dance in the evening event

Launch offer: my book "Bellissima Diva - The birth" and the double CD of guided meditations "Bellissima Diva - The heart is the door" to accompany you to activate your TRUE potential by helping to recontact your energetic-vibrational center: the alchemical space of your heart.

Possible Supplements:

  • A dress from the Bellissima Diva haute-couture collection
  • Design of a custom dress

What you will gain from the program

  • Clarity, focus and heightened awareness of who you are deeply on a energetical-vibrational level, your life purpose, unique talents, challenges, energies in life cycles
  • Practical tools / tips to be able to realign yourself with your unique energies, life purpose, divine style that comes from the soul and talents by thriving in the joy that only this can give and in the harmony of inner and outer beauty
  • Personalized experiences in joy and in alignment with your divine energies immersed in the beauty and elegance of Florence, it will all be documented in a professional photo shoot
  • Increased awareness in choosing your divine style to dress and adorn your rediscovered Bellissima Diva®