rediscover your talents for him & her

Exclusive program dedicated to the couple to rediscover and align your powerful inner energies, unique talents and purpose of life and how these relate to each other in support of the relationship or as dissonant but evolutionary aspects, to shine with this new light of rediscovered awareness and grounding in the life of a couple and to realize your TRUE potential as a relationship for you and for your individual growth.



  • Two hours of personalized energy path based on the ancient science of numerology which derives from quantum physics, to support you in the awareness of your unique energies, life purpose, talents, energies of your life cycles, challenges (shadow energies). Since it is scientifically proven by quantum physics, known since ancient times, that everything around and within us is energy and responds to very specific universal laws. Be aware of these mechanisms, of our energies and taking care of them with discipline every day is as CRUCIAL as physical and good activity nutrition to live the joyful and abundant life that we all desire.
  • The recording of the session that you can listen to whenever you want (and I recommend that you do)
  • The first guided meditation "The heart is the door: activate the map" from my heart to accompany you to my guided meditations
  • Launch offer: my book "Bellissima Diva - The birth" and the double CD of guided meditations "Bellissima Diva - The heart is the door" to accompany you to activate your TRUE potential by helping to recontact your energetic-vibrational center: the alchemical space of your heart.
  • Possibility to celebrate your rediscovered Bellissima Coppia Divina in a dream location in Fiesole or Florence with a team of professionals sensibly coordinated by Elena (360 ° image assistance) and the possibility of a personalized photoshoot (personal or branded)