Rediscover the divine diamond inside you



Innovative and unique personalized programs created by my heart to support you in dressing, adorning and celebrating your rediscovered Bellissima DIVATM in a sacred ritual of inner listening to let your unique light and beauty shine from within. Possibility of a Bellissima DIVATM personalized dress and a VIP weekend in a dream location in Fiesole or Florence with photoshooting.



launch offer from 850 euro


● First session Bellissima DIVATM Rediscovery. We will share you map and personalized energetical numerological reading to increase your awareness and alignment with your divine being, life purpose and talents. For more details click here.

● Second session Bellissima DIVATM ACTIVATION I will support you in activating your inner treasure that will reveal new possibilities, dreams and desires, colors and style that make your unique light shine. This through the heart that is the door, with its Alchemic power – the most powerful magnet to attract from within your unique style that you will then visualize in your Bellissima Diva Styling Board (a creative visualization map of your Bellissima Diva Styling)

● Third session Bellissima DIVATM STYLING RITUAL. With the increased awareness, from the space of the heart, we will share your styling board together and examine your wardrobe. I will support you in creating 4/5 combinations with the objects you already own and eliminate what no longer resonates with you to let it go.

● Launch offer with my book “Bellissima Diva – The Birth”, the double CD of guided meditations “Bellissima Diva- The heart is the door”




launch offer from 1950 Euro 


The program includes 3 days and 2 nights in Florence and Fiesole surrounded by experiences of beauty and luxury including:

● A personalized shopping session where you will learn how to shop like a professional

● You will take part in two evening events in luxurious beauty resorts

● 3 hours of personalized coaching staff to support you to rediscover, dress, make up and adorn your person with a specialized staff sensitively coordinated by Elena

● One hour of photo shoot in an extraordinary location.

● Personalized dress co-created together on the basis of your map and energetic-numerological reading to let your Bellissima Diva shine in her divine energies and unique light

● Meals and local transfers included – Excluding flight and overnight stay / breakfast on which support will be provided for the personalized choice, possibility of staying in Villetta EVA



launch offer from 350 Euro


In a dream location surrounded by beauty and luxury, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the following experiences:

● 3 hours of personalized coaching divided as follows: 1 hour activation of the personalized numerological map, 1 hour of preparation and 1 hour of photo shoot; to support you to rediscover, dress, make up and adorn yourself with a specialized staff sensitively coordinated by Elena

3 hours of shopping session where you will learn how to shop like a Bellissima DIVA™

● Meditation, aperitif, reading numerological map and Bellissima DIVA™ dance in the evening event included

● Possibility of party for small groups of friends (maximum 3/5 people), starting from 350 Euro per person

what you will get from the program

● Clarity on your life purpose and talents and greater awareness of your energy-vibrations (light and shadow) to be able to live fully and with joy who you were born to be
● Greater connection with the space of your heart, loving and grateful acceptance of who you were born to be
● Suggestions from a specialized team to dress, adorn and celebrate your Bellissima Diva experiencing their divine vibrations and letting yourself be inspired by her in her visions of infinite possibilities.
● Possibility of a professional photo shoot that can capture your journey that you will carry in your heart with its enormous transformative power

I wish you an abundant life in connection with your Bellissima DIVATM  

With love and gratitude,

Elena Chiari