Rediscover your talents, for him

Rediscover, dress and celebrate your inner divine


Rediscover your talents, for Him

Exclusive program dedicated to man to rediscover and align his powerful inner energies, unique talents and life purpose and to shine with this new light of rediscovered deep awareness and rootedness in working life and private life at 360 °.

what the program includes

● The personalized Energetic Numerological Map with your divine numbers
● The same Map empty for the Activation of the rediscovered divine energies
● The booklet Your Divine with the description of your Energetic Numerological Map and the conclusive comment of interaction of the numbers
● A session of an hour with me in which the energy-vibrations of the map will be transmitted working at a deep energetic level
● The session recording that you can listen to whenever you want (and I would suggest you)
● The first guided meditation “The heart is the door: activate the map” from my heart to accompany you, if you wish, in the activation of the map and the audio introduction file to my guided meditations
● Launch offer with bonus of a relational numerology of couple or relationship (eg parents-children), my book and CD of guided meditations 
● Possibility of celebrating your rediscovered Inner Divine in a dream location in Fiesole or Florence with a team of specialized experts sensitively coordinated by Elena (360° image assistance that comes from within) and the possibility of personalized photoshooting (personal or branding) and suit (with a local historical Florentine tailor)

what you will gain from the program

● Clarity about your life purpose and unique talents to attract the abundant life you profoundly desire
● To bring to light any distortions for having used few or badly some talents with the invitation to remember that, inside of us we are unique beings, perfect as we are and we have all the resources to be able to “return home” or fully live the essence that we are born to be
● Greater awareness of your energies-vibrations (light and shadow) the basis for being able to express them in alignment with your talents and life purpose
● Practical tools / suggestions to align you with your life purpose, expression of your talents and therefore live in the joy that only this can give
● Greater clarity in relations in general

Do you want more information?

Download the introduction to numerology. The Tuo DIVINO map is a unique system based on different numerologies created from my heart.

launch offer

With a couple or relational numerology bonus and my book and double CD of guided meditations

              single launch offer               70 EURO
  with 1 hour of session

single premium launch offer
150 EURO
with 2 hours of session

for the couple launch offer
150 EURO
with 2 hours of session

* Option Rediscovery: possibility of adding a pair or relationship numerology (eg parent-child) as a bonus


* Option Styling: in Florence (in person with my selected staff: make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer) in a dream location with aperitif included and Tuo Divino Map: (1 hour with me + 1 preparation + 1 photoshoot)


I wish you a good life in connection with Tuo DIVINO

With love and gratitude,

Elena Chiari